Predictions League - How To Play

Welcome to the Back Of The Grid predictions league! Once you’ve signed up, you can make your predictions for the next race. There are five categories you need to make predictions for, which are as follows:

Fastest qualifier
This is the driver who is fastest in Q3 of qualifying, before any grid penalties are applied. Choose the right driver to score 1 point.
In the event that qualifying does not take place, this category will be nulled.
In the event that identical times are set, the driver who set it first will be considered Fastest Qualifier and points will be awarded for that driver.

The winner of the race on Sunday. Choose the right driver to score 1 point.

First DNF
The first driver to retire from the race. A correct guess scores 1 point. If nobody gets the right driver, the person/people whose guess was closest to being the first DNF score half a point. In order to count, the driver must be classified as DNF (did not finish). Any driver who does not make the start of the race (breaks down on the way to the grid for example) is classified as DNS (did not start) and doesn't count towards this prediction.

Number of finishers
The number of cars that finish the race at the chequered flag. A car must finish the race to be counted, even if they have a classified position. A correct guess scores 1 point. If nobody gets the exact number, the person/people with the closest guess score half a point.

Random driver finishing position
Each race, we select a driver at random. Once a driver has been chosen once, they are not eligible to be picked for the rest of the season. Correctly guessing the position that driver finishes the race scores 1 point. If the driver does not finish the race, the position they are classified in will be counted. If nobody gets the exact position correct, the person/people with the closest guess score half a point.

Predictions can be made up until the start of qualifying. Unless stated otherwise, all results are based on the official classification from Formula 1. At the end of the season, the person with the highest points total will be crowned Predictions Champion and win a prize! We will also award a special prize to the first person to score a perfect 5 points for a race.

If a driver/s is/are disqualified post race the positions will be altered to match the new order but the number of finishers will remain as was due to the car/s starting and finishing the race itself.
If the disqualified driver is the chosen random driver their position will be classed as a DSQ and therefore no scoring will be available for their position.

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