We are here!

We have arrived, sort of.

We have made our site!
That is probably a more accurate summary of our current progress. We have our concept and our name, now just to get down to creating some content.

Chris and I are to average English blokes who are both big on F1 and podcasting so we thought, why not do an F1 podcast!?
We are far from professional, but we aim to be entertaining while also being informative. We want the F1 fans of the world to route for us as the underdog. Sure Sky Sports F1 have Brundle, Hill & Herbert. And Channel 4 may have DC, Jordan & Webber. But we have the gusto of the English F1 fan! (and we could probably get as loud as an Eddie Jordan shirt if needs be!)

Image result for eddie jordan shirt

If we sound like your cup of tea, stick around and we will be bringing you our pilot episodes during pre season testing.

We hope you join us for what will hopefully be an awesome 2017 season, and beyond!

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